Fertility Clinic Services

Fertility clinics are clinics that offer medical services to couples, individuals who need to become parents but they cannot get children through the natural way due to medical reasons. This fertility clinics offer various types of services to their clients.

This services includes:

Preliminary testing. This is a service that helps in establishing the reason why a couple is unable to conceive a child and what assistance can be offered to help the couple with the aid of reproductive medicine.

Ovulation induction services. This is where ovaries of a woman are stimulated with fertility medications by injections or by swallowing pills. This makes the ovaries to produce eggs. This process is closely monitored by specialists through blood test and ultrasounds. Then a hormone called hCG is injected after the follicles reach maturity to induces ovulation.

In Vitro Fertization (IVF) process. It begins together with ovulation induction. The egg is removed surgically and later combined with donor’s sperm to form an embryos. The embryos formed are then returned into the woman’s uterus after three to five days.

Offers donor eggs. This eggs are only donated to women who cannot produce healthy eggs to achieve pregnancy. The eggs are first removed from the donor’s ovaries and then inseminated with sperm from the sperm donor to form embryos which are are later transferred to the recipient woman’s uterus pregnancy rates are very high with this technology.

Reproductive surgery procedures provided by the fertility clinics includes: pelvic microsurgery, hysteroscopy.

Hysteroscopy-This is a procedure where a narrow telescope-like instrument is inserted through the vagina and cervics to the cavity of the uterus. The uterine cavity is later distended with fluid and then visualized.

Pelvic microsurgery is an important operative techniques for administering the tuba obstruction. Its work is to improve the outcome of the tuboplasty. This technique involves use copious irrigation, magnification, use of gentle tissue handling and meticulous methods for hemostasis.